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Preparing for Surgery

If your doctor has determined that you would benefit from total joint replacement, you are in good hands at RWJ Hamilton. Our experienced and highly-skilled surgeons specialize in a number of surgical techniques, so you can be assured that your surgery is personalized to your needs.


We understand that surgery can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones, especially if you don’t know what to expect. That’s why special efforts are made to ensure you have all the information you need before you join us, during your stay and before you leave.


Before You Join Us

Per your physician’s orders, pre-admission testing should be completed two to three weeks before surgery and may include an electrocardiogram (EKG); chest x-ray, urinalysis and blood work.


When you come in for pre-admission testing, you’ll also pick a date and time to attend our Total Joint Replacement Pre-Op Education Class. This class is a great way to learn what to expect the day of surgery — including medications, physical therapy, diet, and discharge planning — from individuals responsible for your care.

During Your Stay: The RWJ Difference

Following surgery, recovery and rehabilitation takes place in the Orthopedic Unit, located in the modern Lakefront Tower with private patient accommodations that have been designed to maximize exposure to sunlight, incorporate elements of nature and promote healing.

The nursing staff on the Orthopedic Unit are specially-trained and only care for patients with orthopedic conditions. A nursing coordinator leads your care team and serves as a personal connection while patients plan for, undergo and recover from surgery.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may begin the day of surgery, or the following morning. Patients are typically up, with assistance, within 24 hours of total joint surgery and seen daily while in the hospital. Physical therapy continues either at home or at a rehabilitation or outpatient facility.


Impatient and outpatient rehabilitation is targeted and comprehensive to help patients reach their personal goals. Physical therapists trained at the master’s and doctoral level care at the bedside and at locations in Columbus, Ewing and Hamilton (Quakerbridge).

Pain Protocols

Medications are given prior to, and following surgery to minimize pain and ensure a comfortable rehabilitation.


Before You Leave

A patient care coordinator, who is also a dedicated nurse, will work with you, assess your progress and help you prepare for the next step of your care. Whether you go home or to a rehabilitation facility, we help coordinate insurance, medication, transportation, physical therapy and any other medical needs.

RWJ Hamilton is a Orthopedic Surgery Center of Excellence

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