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subdural hematoma

Subdural hematoma is a meningeal hemorrhage resulting from accumulation of blood in subdural space that may result from blunt impact to the skull and cause a tear in connecting veins (rarely, arteries) in the cerebral cortex.  A chronic subdural hematoma begins as a separation in the dura-arachnoid interface which is then filled by cerebrospinal fluid causing new vessels grow into the membrane and hemorrhage.


Symptoms may include:


  • dilated, nonreactive pupil ipsilateral to the hematoma
  • hemiparesis contralateral to the hematoma
  • balance problems
  • altered level of consciousness

Causes may include:



Treatment may include:


  • supportive treatment
  • wound care
  • fresh frozen plasma - corrects coagulation
  • adequate hydration
  • surgery
  • bed rest
  • medication

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