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If a patient has appendicitis, the surgeon will recommend that the appendix be surgically removed because of the likelihood of it rupturing and causing a severe, life-threatening infection.




The appendix may be removed in two ways:


  • Open method - under anesthesia, an incision is made in the lower right side of the abdomen, through which the surgeon finds and removes the appendix. If the appendix has ruptured, a small drainage tube may be placed to allow pus and other fluids in the abdomen to drain.  When the surgeon feels the abdominal infection has subsided, the tube will be removed, usually after a few days.
  • Laparoscopic method - this procedure uses a camera called a laparoscope to look inside the abdomen during the operation. Under anesthesia, the surgeon uses instruments and the laparoscope, placed through several small incisions to remove the appendix.

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