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Oncology is the study of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  Oncology includes a large range of study.  A physician who specializes in oncology is called an Oncologist.  They are responsible for studying, diagnosing, and treating cancerous tumors in their patients.


Types of Oncology include:

  • Gynecological oncology focus in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the female reproductive organs such as breast cancer and cervical cancer
  • Medical oncology focus in the use of medical and chemotherapeutic treatments of cancer
  • Medical oncology and hematology focus in both medical oncology and hematology, which is the treatment of malignancies of the blood and blood-forming tissues
  • Pediatric oncology and hematology – focus in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers in children, such as leukemia
  • Radiation oncology – focus in radiation treatment of cancers
  • Surgical oncology – focus in several different types of surgical treatments, including biopsy, tumor staging, and tumor resection (removal)

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