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Preparation for Childbirth Course
The Preparation for Childbirth Course is a comprehensive program to prepare expectant parents for a satisfying birth experience. Classes include information on Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques. 5-Week Series and One Day programs are available.

Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness will show you how physical activity while you are pregnant can make pregnancy and birth easier while helping to improve your physical and emotional health. Class will include: Review of guidelines for safe activity during pregnancy, aerobic exercise tailored for pregnancy, stretching and toning routines, and proper use of the stability exercise ball. Registration is required.

Baby Sign Class

Baby Sign Class focuses on instructing parents how to teach sign language to their hearing babies. Join us and learn how to communicate with your pre-verbal baby through sign language. Classes will be taught by KinderSigns trained instructors. Registration is required.

Sibling Preparation

Mom and Dad aren't the only ones whose lives will change when a new baby joins the family. A special Sibling Preparation Class will prepare prospective "big brothers" and "big sisters" for the arrival of their new sibling. The class is designed for children aged two and a half and older. This class meets on scheduled Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. in the Women & Infants Pavilion. Registration is required.

Breastfeeding Class
The Breastfeeding Class is a two-class program for expectant mothers who want to breastfeed their babies. This session will include topics such as getting started, nutrition, the benefits of breastfeeding and avoiding common problems. Class taught by a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Registration is required.

The Early Pregnancy Class
What should you expect when you are expecting? The Early Pregnancy class is designed for those in the first five months of pregnancy. This 2-hour class will familiarize prospective parents with the changes in store for them during this special time in their lives. Topics covered in this class include growth and development of the baby, physical and emotional changes in the mother, and maternal nutrition, exercise and body mechanics. Registration is required.

Infant Massage
The ancient art of baby-infant massage is a beautiful and simple way to express love and to establish a deeper emotional parent-infant bond. Join us in learning touching and massaging techniques to help you spend special moments together. Registration required.

Baby Care Class

The Baby Care Class will help prospective parents learn all about newborn parenting, including infant feeding choices, diapering and bathing, safety measures, sleep-wake cycles and more. Registration is required.

Call the Health Connection at (609) 584-5900 for more information about these classes, or register the classes online.

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