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CINJ Hamilton: Healing Body, Mind & Spirit
A whole-person approach to care.
“The people… are very caring and compassionate and it makes all the difference.” –Sue Werner, pet therapy volunteer
Date: 1/1/2008

The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Hamilton (CINJ Hamilton) believes in healing the whole patient: body, mind and spirit. Medical Director Michael Eleff, MD, notes that “Management of cancer extends beyond the disease.”

Part of this extension is giving patients access to healing gardens, integrative therapies and a wide variety of classes, screenings and support groups.


A Facility Built to Heal

CINJ Hamilton’s architecture breaks the mold of traditional healthcare settings with an area devoted to drug infusion treatments surrounded by ceiling-to-floor windows. Outside these windows is the private Bruce W. Bux Grounds For Healing™, a comfortable space where patients may accept infusion treatments, visit with family members or enjoy interesting sculpture. The Grounds include a soothing waterfall, an area smooth enough to accommodate the wheels of patient chairs, and shaded areas with benches and trellises draped in wisteria offering sun-free spots to sit.


Pet Therapy Dogs: Love on a Leash

Registered therapy dogs and their owners are regular visitors to CINJ Hamilton. Studies show that when dogs interact with patients, they help reduce stress-induced symptoms, distract from pain and illness, offer unconditional acceptance, reduce loneliness and bring out a person’s nurturing instincts.

Sue Werner, and Cort, her German shepherd, completed a pet therapy registration program; then Sue learned she had cancer. Cort’s debut as a therapy dog would have to wait—he had someone at home he had to comfort.

While receiving chemotherapy infusion treatments at CINJ Hamilton, Sue saw therapy dogs in loving action. She saw the happiness their visits brought to the patients and staff and she knew she found the perfect place to bring Cort and his wagging tail.

“I can’t say enough about CINJ Hamilton,” Sue says, “not just the topnotch treatment, but the people—they are very caring and compassionate and it makes all the difference.” Today Sue and Cort join a number of other dogs and owners, like Maggie Kramer and Baxter, her golden retriever, who routinely make the rounds throughout the hospital campus.


The Healing Power of Music

“Integrative, or complementary, therapies have worked for thousands of years to defend against disease and advance healing from within,” says Shirley Roberts of RWJ Hamilton’s community education department.

To this end, educators offer a variety of holistic health and lifestyle classes and workshops. Sessions in Reiki, a noninvasive, simple use of touch used to balance the energy systems of the body, promote a state of deep relaxation and enhance the healing process, are offered on site at CINJ Hamilton.

Certified Harp Therapists from Bedside Harp®, an organization that promotes the therapeutic use of the harp in health care, bring the healing power of music to patients at CINJ Hamilton. As harpists play their instruments, sitting bedside or strolling the halls, they bring peaceful sounds to listening patients.

Blending a stellar clinical program with non-traditional healing methods enables CINJ Hamilton to heal the whole person.



Promising new cancer treatments are discovered as a result of clinical trials—medical studies that test new treatments or new ways of using existing treatments. For information on current clinical trials offered at CINJ Hamilton, call 609.631.6946 or visit our cancer research page.



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