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Radiation Oncology

 Brian successfully beat prostate cancer. Read about his experience here.
Radiation Oncology uses ionizing radiation for the treatment of cancer. CINJ Hamilton's radiation oncology department provides advanced treatment for cancer through external beam treatment. External beam treatment is provided by a high-energy linear accelerator, CT simulation and computerized treatment planning.

Your Radiation Oncology Team

A team of highly skilled professionals work together to provide patients with individualized treatment plans. The team includes:

Radiation Oncologist:
A board certified physician who specializes in radiation oncology, your radiation oncologist will oversee your care as well as develop and prescribe your treatment plan.

Registered Nurse: Playing a key role in your treatment plan, the radiation oncology nurse will work collaboratively with the radiation oncologist by providing you with support during and after your treatment. Your nurse will focus on side-effect management and patient education, in addition to providing you and your family with emotional support.

Radiation Therapist: Following the physician's prescription, the radiation therapist administers the radiation treatment while maintaining and recording treatments administered.

Dosimetrist: Working closely with the radiation oncologist, the dosimetrist helps develop your treatment plan and calculate the treatment dose. This ensures the tumor receives the highest dose of radiation possible, while sparing as much normal tissue as possible.

Physicist: Responsible for maintaining the treatment machines, the physicist works closely with the physician and dosimetrist to develop your treatment plan.

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