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Rehabilitation Services

With the help of her physical therapist, Hamilton's Melissa Cartlidge took on her fear of falling. Read Melissa's story.

A Journey Back to Health
When your physician prescribes a program of rehabilitation, you have taken the first step on the road to recovery. The next step is obtaining a comprehensive, professional evaluation of your condition.

At RWJ Hamilton, a multidisciplinary team of therapists and healthcare professionals work together to evaluate each patient and develop an individualized treatment program. At each step along the way, treatment and progress are carefully reviewed so that the program can be adjusted to fit the patient's evolving condition.

The Rehabilitation Department at RWJ Hamilton offers a number of therapeutic services, including:

  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech and language therapies
  • audiology
  • cardiac rehabilitation 
  • balance rehabilitation 

The department also offers an industrial rehabilitation program in conjunction with our occupational and corporate health department. Our services are offered at several locations:

  • RWJ Hamilton Center for Health & Wellness, 3100 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville, NJ | 609.584.6640
  • Pennington-Ewing Athletic Club, 1400 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ | 609.890.4450
  • RWJ Hamilton Diagnostic & Treatment Center at Columbus, One Sheffield Drive, Columbus NJ | 609.227.4580

Please call ahead to confirm the location of your appointment, 609.584.6640.  

We're working with you in a community near you: Columbus, Ewing and Hamilton.

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