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Better Together: Read How an RWJ Midwife Cares for Generations
Personalized Care for Women through the Ages
"We know how important it is to consider relationships, support systems and stress when assessing a woman’s overall health." -Pat DeLongaig
Date: 5/26/2011

"One of the reasons I came to JoAnne and this practice was because I had a bad experience with my previous gynecologist,” recalls Eileen of Hamilton. “He insisted that I needed hormones, and didn’t give me any other options or an explanation. I was really discouraged and I felt like he wasn’t listening to my concerns.” Along with her sister Cyndi and mother Rose, Eileen has trusted her health to JoAnne Healey, a certified nurse midwife at RWJ Hamilton, for more than 15 years.

For Generations of Women
Cyndi and Eileen enjoy an afternoon with their mother
Rose at Sayen Park Botanical Garden in Hamilton.
The two sisters and their mother have been long-time
patients of the RWJ Hamilton midwifery practice.
While often seen as the healthcare providers who deliver babies, certified nurse-midwives provide annual gynecological care, preventative care and much more. From the adolescent with her unique concerns about sexuality, to the young woman interested in pre-conception planning, and the many challenges women encounter as they go through menopause, a midwife is a trusted provider of women’s health care.

“I feel comfortable with JoAnne. She really takes the time to learn more about me. I could ask her anything,” says mother Rose. Her daughter, Cyndi, agrees: “I look forward to seeing JoAnne because we’ve built a friendship over the years. She’s knowledgeable, caring and thorough at the same time.”

A Holistic Approach
As certified nurse midwives, JoAnne Healey and Pat DeLongaig provide that extra care that most women are looking for. Working together for nearly 20 years, JoAnne and Pat founded RWJ OB/GYN along with two physicians. There are now five midwives in the growing practice. They share the same holistic approach to medicine, striving to spend as much time as each patient needs to identify the contributing factors which may affect well being.

“We know how important it is to consider relationships, support systems and stress when assessing a woman’s overall health,” says Pat, who says knowing more about a person can determine the best treatments. These thorough exams have been well received by patients.

RWJ Hamilton midwives often care for generations of women —  sometimes in the same family — because their work makes such an impact for those whom they provide care.

Trust Matters
Many women come to their midwifery practice with their first menstrual cycle and remain patients for years. “We see women of all ages and provide a comfortable place where they can express their health concerns.” says JoAnne. “It’s important that women are heard and have faith in their treatment.”

Let’s face it; some issues are difficult to discuss. Sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, aging and hormonal changes are private concerns and are considered embarrassing to some. The midwifery practice is a place where women are heard and are treated with dignity and respect. Because midwives work so closely with women — and personal, often emotional issues are expressed — RWJ Hamilton’s midwives are often sought out as trusted information sources. They are able to suggest support groups and care outside of their office.

“It’s very common for women to experience what’s called ‘the baby blues’ after having a baby. When the baby comes, there’s a lot to adjust to —  lack of sleep, more responsibility —  and many moms feel a little lost and out of sorts. We offer advice from an outside perspective and refer moms for more help if they need it,” explains Pat.

The midwives also collaborate with physicians for further treatment and evaluation for complex cases such as excessive bleeding or cancer. In the case of a necessary cesarean section, midwives at RWJ Hamilton assist the physician with the surgery, again maintaining their presence and connection with their patient throughout the procedure.

“It’s important to us that we build relationships with our patients. Part of being healthy or getting healthy is having faith in the people who are
caring for you. That’s why we also focus on collaborating with physicians. We want our patients to receive the best, personalized care they can,” says Pat.

To make an appointment with an RWJ Hamilton midwife, call 609.631.6899.

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