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Urological Surgery

 Brian successfully beat prostate cancer. Read about his experience here.
Urology is the surgical specialty that focuses on disorders of the urinary tracts of males and females and the male reproductive organs. For information about the female pelvic unit, see urogynecology.

Urologists are the medical professionals that treat the conditions related to the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and the male reproductive system.

What does it mean to be board certified?
It means your physician is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care through a rigorous, voluntary commitment to lifelong learning through board certification by the American Board of Urology. In addition to completing education, residency and state licensure, your surgeon is committed to continuing education to stay current with the latest advances in medical science and technology.

Conditions We Treat:

Partial List of Procedures:

Many surgeons offer specialized minimally-invasive surgery.

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